CFOW Podcast - Episode 2: Soaring out of the Process Silo with Rob Brown

Digital has, and will continue to, shape the front office of businesses. Customer interaction is continually refined by the application of platforms; think of Uber, Amazon or Assos. These slick, convenient and intelligent interfaces are changing customers buying habits and brand perceptions.

But what about the back office?

Digital has now well and truly found its way into the back office, and it's changing the shape of businesses from the inside – out. Procurement, HR, finance and marketing are all been disrupted and the silos these functions used to operate in, are fast disappearing.

The benefits of back office digitization are a cost reduction AND revenue uptick journey, helping propel organizations forward.

Join us for the second in the CFoW podcast series as we delve deeper into how digital is going to shape businesses from the back to the front.