Citrix's 2020 Workplace

Leading mobile and cloud technology supplier Citrix has come up with a formula for the workplace of the future - one person, six devices and two-thirds of a desk. By 2020 businesses will cut office space by 17%, according to the Citrix Workplace of the Future report, which surveyed 1,900 senior IT decision-makers in 19 countries.

The future workplace will offer an average of seven desks for every ten office workers, with each worker accessing the corporate IT network from six different computing devices. In 2020 the highest desk-to-worker ratios will be in Japan, South Korea and Germany, with respective ratios of 8.77, 9.95 and 7.90. The lowest ratio (six desks for every ten workers) will be in the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore. 

Nearly a third (29%) of people will no longer work from their traditional office but from various semi-permanent locations such as their home (64%), field and project sites (60%) and partner or customer premises (50%). Corporate applications, data and services will also be accessible from locations such as airports, hotels, coffee shops and while commuting, the report says. Nearly all organizations will plan office space redesigns to encourage more collaborative, flexible and creative environments and to enable workers to do their work whenever, wherever and on whatever device.

The so-called "mobile workstyles" trend (fewer office-based staff using multiple devices from various locations) will be embraced by more and more organizations because of its numerous benefits, such as more flexibility, increased personal productivity, less time to commute and a better work-life balance. Nearly a quarter (24%) of global organizations have already fully adopted it and the proportion will surge to 83% by mid-2014. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend will be adopted by the majority of organizations, with secure data and apps management coming high on their agenda.