EMERGENCY; The Future of American Healthcare

The future of work is all about re-wiring work to make it better. There are few things in our modern world that need re-wiring to make them better than healthcare. Though as an "alien" on US soil I am always circumspect about being critical of my host country, wary of being told that "if you don't like it, eff off back to your own miserable country" (Piers Morgan take note), I do feel emboldened to say that the US healthcare system is a maddening mystery to me. With British NHS spectacles (not literally, but you know what I mean) the US system just feels plain wrong. (I'm sure Danny Boyle agrees). The unchecked profit motive is so distorting and disfuguring that every interaction you have with it leaves you having to go your doctor afterwards to have your blood pressure looked at. [Ed: this seems like a line from Lewis Carroll ...]. Though Time may be in a metaphorical ICU themselves at the moment I really doff my beret to them and Steven Brill in particular (appropriate name) for this brilliant piece of in-depth reporting. I really hope that this starts a firestorm that makes everybody involved in the healthcare industry (and basically that means everybody) take a time out to step back and look at just what on earth is going on here. The future of healthcare is the future of the country in short and if this isn't fixed then, methinks, the air will continue to leak out of the American balloon. Pains me to say that. I guess I better get down to the ER to have it looked at.