Five Tech Trends Pushing Us Towards The Age of Context

Our lives are being changed by constant connectivity and social media, but what we see now is just the beginning. In the decade ahead, daily life and business will be transformed under the combined impact of five technology trends. Each of them is significant in its own right but their joint influence will change the world beyond recognition, Robert Scoble writes in a Wired Insights blog post.

Scoble calls it the Age of Context, which is also the name of the book he is working on together with Shel Israel. This new age will be shaped by the interaction of the aforementioned technology trends, the first one being the rise of wearable devices. Google Glass may be the first example that comes to mind but the choice of Bluetooth-enabled devices is already impressive and will only grow bigger.

The second trend is Big Data and data computation. Our online use is generating mind-blowing amounts of data, creating records of where we have been, what we have seen and done and what we have said. This smorgasbord of information paints a very detailed picture about our preferences and indicates future behaviors.

Number three on Scoble's list is the explosion of sensor data. Aside from wearable sensors designed to track vital signs, we can now monitor things such as house plants or office air quality.

Social media is playing a pivotal part in the change. Social networking is ubiquitous and the staggering amount of data it creates will be used to make the consumer experience far more personalized and anticipatory.

A similar explosion is being seen in the case of location data and this is the fifth trend that will help bring about the Age of Context. This particular explosion is the result of rapid smartphone adoption and the popularity of apps such as Foursquare and Waze.