How The Future Workplace Is Going To Look

There are plenty of speculative pieces available at the moment written by professionals in various industries and the layman alike, all expressing their opinions on what the future of work is going to look like and how jobs from all sectors are going to change. One thing that keeps popping up, however, is the issue of sustainability. Companies are beginning to nurture a more environmentally friendly culture and want to encourage sustainability across all levels.

According to an article on Triple Pundit, this means that energy efficient equipment will become more popular. Not only will it help save the planet - something eco-minded employees will like - but it can also save a business a significant amount of money. There are already some government incentive schemes in place to help encourage future businesses to invest in such equipment.

There will also be an increase in interest in making office spaces 'smarter.' This doesn't only mean in terms of the equipment used and its impact on the environment (always a smart thing to consider), but buildings that can actually change internally to match the weather outside and the occupancy levels. Offices themselves will have more sensors and control systems to change lighting and heating accordingly, without the need for human input. They will also then be more integrated into the wider move of building entire smart cities - something else that seems likely to happen.


Finally, the most disruptive move to workers could come in the form of an entire office relocation. Whilst energy efficient equipment and smart technology will make big changes, they are less disruptive to everyday working life. However, an office relocation in answer to changing climates, for example, could be more so. The need to relocate could be due to risk of flooding thanks to rising sea levels, or could be because of changes to a city itself in light of smart adoption and changing energy dependency. Offices may need to move for economic or climate-related reasons.