The Future Of OUR Jobs

A lot of buzz is happening these days around the rise of robots and work culture shift of 4 or 3 day work week. With unemployment rate at stubbornly 6.2 % part of which may be hard to recover ever because of automation, makes one wonder about the future of all jobs in next few years.

Some of the implications of struggling economy are already in front of us. Retail sales are plummeting, millennials not ready to invest in big ticket items such as new cars and houses and entry level jobs increasingly moving to freelance job portals. And on the other hand, Robots are already entering the workplace, especially disrupting the manufacturing and warehousing to begin with.

Is this structural tide any different from what our parents saw – or may be the scale of it?  Are we moving towards a dystopian future or is there a new shared, happy society on the horizon, which we are unable to see.

To find out the sentiment of changing work landscape, Cognizant teamed up with Forrester Research to do an omnibus survey of 3850 online US adults on what they think about their jobs, work life and next generation work.

It is amazing to see most of the respondents optimistic about the future of work or of their jobs despite the perceived threat of increasing jobs automation and robots replacements. Check out the below three data points:-

1. Do you think you have a better job than your mom/dad had? (At prime)

2. Do you think your kids will have a better or worse job than you? (At your prime/their prime)

3. If you could give up work tomorrow would you?

The responses of the survey depict hope. The hope of better work and a better life. There may be different kind of jobs, which are unknown today such as training Robots, specialized human analysis but, one thing is becoming very clear, the society and the work will be very different from what it is today.   

What do you think about the future of your work / your job?

l'll have plenty of job opportunities than what I have today
My job may get replaced by machines
My job can never be replaced by machines
Dont know, just too scared to think
Total  10