The Future of Walking

There's a long history of famous folks who've liked to stand at their desk while working; Churchill most notably (alternating with dictating whilst in the bath), Donald Rumsfield whilst working out which of his knowns were unkown and which unknowns where known. And of course John Cleese who took walking and working to whole new heights on his way to the Ministry of Silly Walks (he presumbably didn't sit at a regular seat and desk after he got there did he?). This fun piece looking at "walking desks" highlights a trend that seems to be catching on (I've read more and more folks recently riffing on the same theme). Personally, I'm not sure I'd want to stand for my whole working day; if the price point on something like this came down so you could use it intermittently I'd be tempted though. I like to do my 5 miles on the treadmill and then get off it but if I could rack up even more FuelPoints during the working hours that would be pretty worthwhile. Keep an eye on this as it develops; it seems sort of crazy right now but who knows in a few years (with the right business celeb endorsement; any thoughts on who?) it might begin to catch on.