Transferable Skills For Future Fluid Work

As workflow becomes more project-oriented and businesses adapt their internal structures so that they can quickly assemble interdisciplinary teams to solve specific problems, a new type of relationship between workers and their managers is emerging, including the ability to rapidly match workers and employers on potential projects.

In this more fluid work environment, workers need to be able to switch between projects that require different skills. This means they have to learn new skill-sets through their entire work life. And this need for people to constantly learn and evolve is being addressed by firm PSFK in their post on future of work trends.

In the skills marketplace, online badges and visual cues show informal and soft skills that may not be present in one's resume. Online infographic tools like Vizify are turning people's social media profiles into attractive summaries of their personal and professional lives. The traditional resume is becoming more obsolete as it offers a one-dimensional presentation of one's skills, whereas online tools help workers to more dynamically showcase their talents and skills evolution while enabling employers to move quickly and easily assess workers' capabilities that will best suit specific projects.

Additionally, career matchmaking tools are helping companies and talent to strike longer and better connections and create lasting value.

In the future work setting that is characterized by constant change, companies and workers are adopting a collaborative, start-up mindset that allows for new ways to learn. And workers are increasingly learning "transferable skills" to be able to fill a wide array of jobs in the next 15 years.