Workplace Preferences For Multi-Generations

'Millennials are the future' we are constantly told; 'listen to what they want'. A lot of hype around millennials entering the workforce has been made recently, with companies eating up research and stats into what this generation expect from their employers and how they expect their job to look. It seems that the opinions of previous working generations - Generation X and the Baby Boomers, for example - have fallen by the wayside.

However, a recent article on EPR Retail News notes that this needs to be stopped, as there is actually not that much of a difference between the generations and what they expect from the future of work. Quoting stats from a recently conducted report by CBRE Group, the article notes that similar expectations were listed by over 5,500 office workers - no matter what their age.

By 2025 it is expected that 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials, so it is no wonder so many employers are basing future workplace strategies around this demographic; however, when asked how they want to work in the future the difference between the generations was less divisive than previously thought. Over half (51%) of Millennials said they wanted to see more informal collaboration in the future - but 49% of Baby Boomers and 42% of Generation X said the same. Similarly, 86% of Millennials said they would like more independent focus work, along with 91% of Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Whilst 33% of Millennials would prefer an increased use of e-mail in the future, this was listed by only 27% of Generation X and 18% of Baby Boomers. In reverse to this trend, however, only 30% of Millennials wanted more contact on social media, whereas 39% of Generation X wanted this and a massive 48% of Baby Boomers were keen.

Overall the study found that all three generations were almost equally as collaborative as each other, but Millennials did place more significance on having a space for socializing in the office than Generation X and Baby Boomers.