What you need to know about the future of work

The Future of Work Community recently held a Future of Work Forum to help individuals recognize how the workplace is changing, what they can do to embrace these shifts and how they can evolve to stay relevant in the coming years.

The forum came up with a number of different things business owners need to keep in mind regarding the future of work:

1. People analytics will gain in prominence. Although it is a relatively untapped practice at the moment, the use of wearable technology is becoming more popular and will help to advance this - as will the gathering of employee-related big data and new inventions, like smart employee badges; as more insights become available, more organizations will adopt people analytics.

2. HR and IT will combine forces. In fact, both these departments are already starting to build stronger relationships than in the past as each realizes they cannot function properly without the other. Businesses need to understand that encouraging the two to work together will equate to better business outcomes in the future.

3. Employee/employer relations will never be the same again. The use of freelancers and the ability of employees to take on numerous roles within an organisation mean the relationship between the two will be drastically different - it has already evolved significantly within the last five-to-ten years.

4. Experience should be given priority. Business leaders need to ensure they create a working environment employees want to spend time in; they cannot assume that people need to show up at the office, for example - they need to actively make it the place to be.

5. A business needs to emulate a laboratory, not a factory. Organisations need to be experimental and test new ideas to further the business and maximize the experience of employees.