Mobile Expert Interviews: Apperian's Cimarron Buser

I was honored to be able to attend and speak at a mobile security conference this week in beautiful and sunny San Francisco (I wrote about it here). While attending I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Apperian's SVP of Global Business Development, Cimarron Buser.  Cimarron's parents named him after the novel of the same name, written by Edna Ferber and published in 1929, about the Oklahoma land rushes of 1889 and 1893.  In this story ambitious settlers attempted to race ahead of their competition and stake claims to newly available territories, much like the way startups attempt to capture newly discovered markets in Silicon Valley.  How is that for a world class segue? 

Apperian is a MAM (mobile application management) solution provider that focuses on managing mobile application lifecycles.  In this interview we discuss how their solutions work with and compliment other categories of mobile solutions including MDM and EMM.