Empathy, Mindfulness and Compassion

A. Prem Kumar ,    November 21, 2012 Digital technology has been engineered by technologists and yet has been adopted by multitudes for their social interactions. It is not an uncommon sight to see a bunch of friends sitting at a table in a restaurant and getting busy with their smartphones rather than each other. The experiments Facebook has been doing over the years with privacy settings is not merely an irritation. The recent clashes in many parts of the world due to youtube videos is as true as the proliferation of lolcats, and the popularity of Sal Khan's tutorials. Is it time that sociology got a chance in defining social technological developments and deployments? Can our technologies be built to extend, augment or amplify our human qualities like Empathy, Mindfulness, Compassion, Conviviality, Reciprocity, etcetera? Some further thoughts from me: http://sfh.naasat.in/2012/11/social-design-empathy-mindfulness.html
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